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Famed Tap Dancer, Actor, Singer extraordinaire Gregory Hines is featured on the most recent installment of the United States Post Office's Black Heritage Stamp Series.  He is not the first in the series.  What # is he in the series collection?




"This is exactly what we need right now. People need to know about the great inventors, leaders, educators, artists, and politicians who have contributed to our nation. Black history is American history."

- Theo Coleman, Chicago, IL


"My family and I played over the holidays and we had so much fun!  Keep it up."

- Ramone Ford, Cleveland, Ohio


"This game was created at the perfect time. I definitely plan to use it with my students."

- Rockia Harris, Louisville, KY


"Man we need this so bad. I am buying five copies for my son and my other family. You need to put this in all the schools."

- Bob Cannon, Dayton, Ohio


"I love playing trivia games but when I played Legacy Genius trivia I immediately felt like wow, this thing really has purpose."

- Zenzele Apesemake-Vital, Washington D.C.


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