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Ron Jackson, Ph.D.

Chief Creative & Founder,

Legacy Genius

I am a university professor, communication and change management consultant, public speaker, and diversity, equity, and inclusion trainer who has studied, taught, and published research in the area of communication and culture since 1995. I have had the chance to teach at Xavier University of Louisiana, Shippensburg University, Penn State University, University of Illinois, and University of Cincinnati within that span of time.  I even chaired the department of African and African American Studies at University of Illinois.  I have published 14 books on culture and identity and in 2018 I was president of the National Communication Association. My passion is educating the public.


Over the years I have developed a fervor for educating and inspiring people to study culture, which is the foundation for understanding how humans have changed across generations. It explains so much about politics, history, government, human rights, arts, entertainment, sports, etc.  What sits at the core of all of these is our personal and collective identities. How we define ourselves and make sense of our place in the world is one of life's greatest pursuits. How we communicate that is profoundly revealing.

By purchasing Legacy Genius games you are investing in our future.  You are giving your family and friends a gift that works to not just educate them, but also to inspire self-worth, cultural awareness, national pride, and human dignity.  Thank you for supporting us by buying a Legacy Genius game and spreading the word to family and friends.

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